Sustainable Greenery

Phu My Hung is dedicated to preserving and enhancing green spaces as part of its commitment to sustainable urban development. With a construction density of only about 30%, the majority of Phu My Hung’s area is devoted to green spaces and transportation.

This has resulted in an impressive green landscape, with a tree density of 8.9m2 per person and numerous large parks such as Canh Doi Park (7ha), P2 Park (9ha), Nam Vien Park  (4.5ha), Wonderland Park (about 4.5ha), and Sakura Park (more than 1ha), etc. Natural waterways such as Rach Dia River, Thay Tieu Canal, Ca Cam Canal, and Crescent Lake (about 3.4 ha) also contribute to the ecological landscape and fresh air of the urban area.

Let’s join Phu My Hung Today in exploring the sustainable greenery of Phu My Hung through the following photos:

Source: Phu My Hung

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